The Intercollegiate is a public-service journalism venture that critically confronts the subject of college sports.

It proceeds from the notion that the enterprise of intercollegiate athletics, as it has come to be, is neither inherently virtuous nor right-minded, and that it demands skeptical inquiry and public scrutiny. The Intercollegiate is unconcerned with on-the-field results and indifferent to the entertainment interests of fans. We trust you can find that kind of coverage in a thousand other college sports media platforms.

We endeavor to skeptically examine college sports through our emailed dispatch, Newsletter of Intent, and a weekly podcast. (You can subscribe to both from this website.) Behind-the-scenes, we actively collaborate with academics and other journalists, in the hopes of bringing greater illumination and understanding to the problems of this multi-billion-dollar industry, which touches every important part of our society and prevails over the American higher education system.

The Intercollegiate officially launched on Oct. 28, 2019. Please scroll down to learn more about our roster, contributors and creative partner.


Unpaid Labor

In lieu of compensation, The Intercollegiate’s expert contributors are just happy to give a free education.
Maddie Salamone
Maddie Salamone

Maddie Salamone is a former Duke University lacrosse player player turned lawyer and athlete advocate. In high school, she was both a valedictorian and an All-American athlete, entering college as Inside Lacrosse magazine sixth-ranked freshman. During college, Maddie served on and eventually chaired the NCAA Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, where she lobbied for athletes to be granted voting power in the new governance structure. For her efforts, she was was honored with the 2017 ACC President’s Award for Exemplary Service. After graduating, Maddie earned a law degree from the University of North Carolina. She currently works as a litigator in New York, but continues to champion the cause of rights and protections for college athletes, having testified before the North Carolina General Assembly in early 2019. You can follow Maddie on Twitter.

Tim Nevius
Tim Nevius

Tim Nevius is a former college baseball player, NCAA investigator, and sports attorney with over a decade of experience in college sports. While at the NCAA, Tim led high-profile investigations into top college football and basketball programs for violations of NCAA rules. After leaving the NCAA, he helped initiate and lead a federal class action on behalf of college athletes against the NCAA and DI conferences to challenge NCAA compensation restrictions. Since then, he formed his own New York sports law practice advocating for college athletes on a host of NCAA eligibility matters.  He has become a leading voice for NCAA reform, including as Founder and Executive Director of the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative. You can follow Tim on Twitter.

Karen Weaver
Karen Weaver

Karen Weaver is an associate clinical professor of sport management at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is a nationally-recognized expert on sports media rights and technology, as well as issues in intercollegiate athletics. Karen has seen college sports from just about every available angle: she coached women’s field hockey for 14 years, the last nine at Ohio State; she was an associate athletic director at the University of Minnesota; served as the athletic director at Penn State Abington when the school was granted full Division III status; and she has been a long-time field hockey color analyst for ESPN and the Big Ten Network. She received her doctoral degree in higher education management from the University of Pennsylvania, writing her dissertation on the Big Ten Network’s launch. You can follow Karen on Twitter.

Anthony Crudup

Anthony Crudup, a native Houstonian, is a former college football player and proud alumnus of the University of Minnesota. After graduating, Anthony started in sales and business development for market research firms. He partnered with the late Texas A&M All-American Antonio Armstrong to build a fitness concept and then founded CleatElite, a research analyst group focussed on small business. On the side, Anthony has taken up a research interest in the budgets of college sports programs and the treatment of college athletes. He provided research services for the management team of the Historical Basketball League, which markets itself as the first basketball league to pay current college athletes. You can follow Anthony on Twitter.

Patrick Hruby

Patrick Hruby is a Washington, D.C.-based journalist who has been a leading chronicler of intercollegiate sports and its discontents for more than a decade. Hruby has written for the Washington Times,, Sports on Earth, the Atlantic, Playboy, Politico Magazine, the Washington Post and other national publications. He was a contributing editor for VICE Media, where he helped manage and direct the company’s sports vertical. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and a sports media fellow at the University of Texas. You can follow Patrick on Twitter and sign up for his newsletter, Hreal Sports.

Creative Partner

The Intercollegiate is proud to partner with the College Sport Research Institute (CSRI), an academic center housed within the Department of Sport and Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina. CSRI’s mission is to encourage and support interdisciplinary and inter-university collaborative college-sport research, serve as a research consortium for college-sport researchers from across the United States, and disseminate college-sport research results to academics, college-sport practitioners and the general public. You can learn more by visiting CSRI’s website.