The Intercollegiate seeks to critically confront the aspects of college sports that actually matter.

It proceeds from the notion that the business of intercollegiate athletics, as it has come to be, is neither inherently virtuous nor right-minded, and that it demands journalistic inquiry and public scrutiny. To that end, The Intercollegiate is unconcerned with and unconstrained by on-the-field results, or appealing to the emotional whims of fans. There are already plenty of other media outlets consumed with those kinds of distractions. You can follow The Intercollegiate on Twitter or Facebook.

DANIEL LIBIT is the creator, host and editor of The Intercollegiate. In late 2016, Libit launched the website, through which he spent two years vivisecting the University of New Mexico’s athletic department as an experiment in college sports journalism. In that time, Libit broke numerous stories and scandals about the Lobos, and his reporting prompted several state investigations. In conjunction with his watchdog reporting, Libit has filed four pending public records lawsuits against UNM and its direct-support organizations, the first of which he won on summary judgment. Libit’s work has been the subject of a New York Times profile and referenced in numerous national media outlets. Prior to this detour into college sports, Libit spent over a decade covering national politics as a staff reporter for Politico and The Daily, and a contributing writer for National Journal and He resides in suburban Chicago. You can follow him on Twitter.