2018-19 Exit Interviews

According to Article 6.3 of the NCAA’s Division I Manual, member institutions are required to conduct end-of-the-year exit interviews with departing athletes. We filed formal records requests with every D-I university subject to public disclosure laws, seeking documents relating to exit or end-of-season surveys that took place during the 2018-19 academic year. You can find…

Athlete Viewpoint agreements

Through public records requests, we obtained several universities’ contracts with Princeton Leadership Services, a consulting firm that sells an athlete survey software platform to athletic department. The firm is run by Michael Cross, a top athletic administrator at Penn State. We first reported on these documents in this story about Cross and his dual roles.

Consulting Contracts

College athletic departments have increasingly engaged with outside consultants to assist on everything from hiring searches to NCAA compliance to football place-kicking instruction. Here are consulting agreements D-I universities engaged since 2018, which we obtained through public records requests.

Mike Gundy's Crisis Communications

Through a series of public records requests, we obtained emails sent and received by Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy, Athletic Director Mike Holder, other OSU athletic staffers and faculty leaders in the immediate aftermaths of two successive, headline-grabbing controversies Gundy created over public comments about the coronavirus pandemic and by being photographed in an…

NCAA Interpretation Requests

Division I institutions seeking clarity about NCAA rules can send formal inquiries, called Interpretation Requests, through the NCAA’s Requests/Self-Reports Online (RSRO) database. Through a series of open records requests, we obtained the Interpretation Requests that 91 D-I athletic departments sent to Indianapolis over the first six months of 2019. In most cases, the schools we…

Team Rules

Through public records requests, The Intercollegiate obtained 2019-20 team-specific rules and athlete conduct policies from 236 different college sports programs across 52 D-I universities. Our representative cross section features: 127 women’s, 89 men’s and 15 coed programs; 55 teams from Black plurality sports (football and men’s and women’s basketball); and an almost perfectly even split…

The Buffaloes' Bills

Here are documents related to the University of Colorado’s athletics multi-media and marketing rights partner Buffalo Sports Properties.